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盖州Steps for cleaning wafer equipment

2023-08-18 14:35:28

Cleaning Wafer equipment can be done in the following ways:

Preparation: First remove the wafer residue from the equipment, and ensure that the power of the equipment has been turned off and unplugged to ensure safety.

Disassemble parts: According to the structure and instructions of the equipment, disassemble the parts that need to be cleaned. This may include tools, hot plates, molds, etc. Be careful to avoid damaging the equipment or injuring yourself.

Apply the cleaner: Select the appropriate cleaner and apply the cleaner to the parts to be cleaned according to its instructions. Make sure to apply evenly, and be careful not to apply the cleaner to other parts of the equipment or electrical components to avoid damage.

Clean and scrub: Using a suitable brush or cloth, scrub the parts that have been applied with the cleaning agent to remove residue and dirt. Use proper force and Angle to avoid scratching or damaging parts.

Rinse: Rinse the parts that have been scrubbed with water, ensuring that the detergent and residue are completely rinsed. You can use a tap or a bucket to rinse.

Disinfection: After cleaning the parts, disinfectant can be used to disinfect the parts to ensure the health and safety of the equipment. Choose the appropriate disinfectant and follow its instructions.

Dry and reassemble: Dry the parts that have been cleaned and disinfected with a clean cloth to ensure that no water stains or fibers are left. When the components are completely dry, reinstall them on the device in reverse order.

Test and recovery: After reassembling the device, reconnect the power supply and perform a test run. Ensure that the device works properly and is restored to the normal state.

Please note that the above steps are for reference only, and the specific operations and precautions may vary depending on the device model, detergent, and other factors. Before cleaning, be sure to refer to the instructions and instructions of the equipment and follow the cleaning recommendations provided by the equipment manufacturer.


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