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根河The theory of chocolate wafer ball production line

2023-08-17 17:51:04

Chocolate wafer ball is a combination of chocolate and wafer cookie taste, the production line is usually in the standard wafer production line based on the addition of several processes or equipment.

The following is a list of the main processes and equipment for the production of chocolate wafer balls:

Raw materials: chocolate, flour, sugar, vegetable oil and other raw materials are fully prepared.

Mixer: Mix the above ingredients well and add water to form a dough.

Cutting machine: Cut the dough to the appropriate size to make it suitable for the processing of the subsequent process.

Tablet press: The cut dough is flattened into a cake shape to prepare for subsequent flipping and baking.

Oven: The flattened flatbread is placed in the oven, where the control of temperature and time is very critical, and generally needs to be adjusted according to product requirements.

Ball making machine: The finished cake is coated with melted chocolate by dripping on it, and then shaped into a ball.

Packaging machine: The chocolate wafer ball will be packaged to ensure that its storage period is longer and at the same time, it can prevent contamination and crushing.

Compared with the standard wafer production line, the production line of chocolate wafer balls has some new processes and equipment, mainly adding a part of the chocolate process and equipment, the manufacturing process is more complicated, and the corresponding production cost will be relatively high. However, due to its unique taste, chocolate wafer balls sell very well in the market.


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