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九江Overview of wafer production line

2023-08-18 14:22:56

Wafer production line is a set of mechanical equipment system specially used for large-scale production of wafer. It consists of a number of continuously operated machines and supporting equipment to efficiently manufacture wafer biscuits.

The following is a general overview of the wafer production line:

Dough preparation: At the beginning of the production line, there will be a dough preparation area. These areas usually have dough mixers and mixing equipment, which are used to mix and mix ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and liquid to prepare a uniform dough.

Molding and flattening: Next, the dough is transferred to the molding and flattening equipment. These devices generally include rolling mills or thickeners, which are used to flatten and shape the dough to form a cookie blank of a certain thickness and size.

Wafer board and cut: One of the characteristics of wafer cookies is that the surface of the cookie has a honeycomb pattern. To achieve this effect, the fabrication line places wafer boards on the dough and uses a cutting machine to cut the dough into small pieces with wafer patterns.

Oven baking: The cut cookie pieces will be transported to the baking room and placed in the preheated oven for baking. The oven can control parameters such as time, temperature and humidity to ensure that the cookies are baked under the right conditions and achieve the desired crunchy taste.

Cooling and packaging: After baking, the cookies are cooled by a cooling device in order to reduce the temperature and improve the stability of the cookies. The cookies then go through possible filtration and screening steps to remove the nonconforming product and are finally packaged by a packaging machine.

The high degree of automation of the entire wafer production line enables efficient production and testing. At each stage, there may be automated control systems that monitor, adjust and record production parameters to ensure product consistency and quality. In addition, the design and structure of the production line can often be customized and optimized according to customer needs.


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