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肇庆Chocolate refiner working principle

2022-10-11 08:45:32

A chocolate refiner is a device used for fine grinding and mixing of chocolate bars or chocolate ingredients. The following is the general working principle of the chocolate refiner:

Adding: First put the chocolate bar or chocolate material into the grinding groove of the chocolate refiner. The grinding groove is usually made of special wear resistant materials to ensure resistance to the friction and friction of the chocolate material.

Scrub ball and disk: In the grinding tank, the chocolate material is rotated with some scrub balls. Frosted balls are usually small metal balls made of a wear-resistant material, such as stainless steel. These scrub balls rotate with the chocolate material, breaking and grinding the chocolate pieces through the action of friction and impact.

Heating and cooling: Chocolate refiners usually have heating and cooling systems. The heating system provides the right temperature to increase the fluidity of the chocolate and facilitate fine grinding and mixing. The cooling system can be used to control the temperature of the chocolate to prevent heat accumulation and overheating.

Cyclic: The combination of the frosted ball and the chocolate material is continuously rotated and rubbed in the grinding tank. This encourages the chocolate to be gradually finely ground and blended to achieve the desired fineness and smoothness.

Discharge: After finishing the grinding, the chocolate powder will be discharged from the grinding tank. Further processing steps can be taken as needed, such as filtering, blending or mixing other raw materials.

In short, the chocolate refiner grinds the chocolate blocks or chocolate ingredients into powder by rotating friction between the ball and the chocolate material, and ensures uniform mixing. Factors such as the temperature at work, the material and quality of the grinding ball, and the design of the grinding tank will affect the effect of fine grinding and the quality of the final chocolate product.


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