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肇庆Food and beverage market situation is good liquid filling equipment ushered in new development

2023-11-28 18:00:35
With the post-90s gradually becoming the mainstream consumer group of the market, China's food and beverage industry has entered the era of consumer sovereignty in which the consumer side constantly forces the innovation and upgrading of the industrial side. The types of food and beverage on the market are constantly enriched, which not only promotes the development of the food and beverage market, but also ushered in new opportunities for the liquid filling equipment market.

Since the modern scientific and technological progress invented the liquid filling machine, liquid filling began to formally set foot on the road to automation. The original liquid filling machine occupies a very large area, which is not only inconvenient to install, but also very complicated to clean and maintain. In addition, many operators are required to participate in the work, and the investment cost is high, which many small production enterprises can not afford.

With the development of economy, the social demand for food and beverage is increasing. This requires production enterprises to have higher production efficiency, prompting people to innovate liquid filling equipment, liquid filling machine has therefore made a qualitative leap. Today's new liquid filling machines greatly reduce the footprint, easy installation, but also reduce the requirements of the production environment. The new liquid filling machine basically uses intelligent operation, the degree of automation has been greatly improved, and the performance has become more stable. In addition, due to the reduction of equipment manufacturing costs, equipment investment costs have also been reduced a lot, which allows some small production enterprises to "xite" liquid filling machines.

In recent years, China's economy has continued to transform and upgrade, the national consumption power has increased, and the market demand for food and beverage has steadily increased. The 13th Five-Year Plan proposes that by 2020, GDP and per capita income of urban and rural residents will double from 2010, which means that the national purchasing power will be further increased in the future. With the expansion of market demand, enterprises need more efficient liquid filling equipment. What is the development trend of the liquid filling equipment market in the future?

In today's beverage market, we can see more and more "small drinks" appear. Small cans of Coke, small cans of coffee, small bottles of liquor, etc. are popular drinks on the market, and "small drinks" have become a new trend in the beverage market. When producing these "small drinks", liquid filling equipment is required to have more accurate filling capabilities. With the continuous enrichment of beverage types, the functional requirements for liquid filling equipment have become higher, and multi-functional liquid filling machines will also become one of the development trends of liquid filling equipment in the future.

In addition, it is also very important for beverage production enterprises to save raw materials and reduce costs. Therefore, less raw material consumption, lower investment costs, and smaller volume are also the development direction of future liquid filling equipment.

Although China's current liquid filling equipment industry is developing very rapidly, but compared with foreign liquid filling equipment industry, China's liquid filling equipment lacks high-end products, equipment innovation ability is not high. In order to enhance their market competitiveness, liquid filling equipment manufacturers must first enhance their innovation ability, develop high-end liquid filling equipment, and introduce more efficient, more energy saving and more environmentally friendly liquid filling machines to meet market demand.

On the whole, China's current liquid filling equipment market is developing at a rapid pace, and many liquid filling equipment manufacturers have emerged in the industry. This makes the whole industry thriving but also makes the industry competition become more and more fierce, how to stand out from the market competition? This requires enterprises to firmly grasp the wind vane of the food and beverage production market, and never stop on the road to innovation.

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